Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will my family member have opportunities to interact socially within Emerson Place and the community?
Answer: Yes, social interaction within the residence is encouraged and part of Emerson Place program to promote independence and community integration.

Question: How much does it cost for my family member to live at Emerson Place?
Answer: Each individual’s income and personal assets is determined by eligibility workers (when applying for waiver services) from your local Community Services Board/ Behavioral Health Care Services.

Question: How do I make a referral?
Answer: You can contact us at any time. However you must contact your Community Services Board/ Behavioral Health Care Services in you locality to determine if your meet the criteria for services.  You can advise them of your choice of care provider for your love one or family member.

Question: Who is eligible for admission to Emerson Place?
Answer: Must be intellectually disabled, developmental delayed, Autism, IQ of 70 or less, must be 18 years or older, and ambulatory.

Question: What services are available at Emerson Place?
Answer: Safe, clean residence with personal care and assisted daily living including the development and maintenance of functional skills.  Including the following:

  • Community Integration with planned daily activities
  • Family participation and special community events
  • Transportation for medical appointments, social events, local churches and home visits
  • Dietary needs monitored by Registered Dietitian
  • Liaison with licensed professionals to establish and maintain Medical, Dental, Psychological and Behavioral Management Services

Question: How are employees screened?
Answer: All new staff must pass a full DCI/FBI background check and the state child abuse registry and a local law enforcement background check.

Question: How long does an individual usually stay at Emerson Place?
Answer: There is no maximum length of stay for our Adult Program. The length of stay for program depends upon the needs and the request of the individual.

Question: What training is the staff required to have?
Answer: Each staff member providing direct care must be certified for Medication Management, CPR/First-Aid, Behavior-Management and Food Safety.  In additional staff members are required to complete re-certification annually.

Question: Will my family member be eligible for funding assistance?
Answer: Contact your local Department of Social Services they will assist you in determining an individual’s financial eligibility for Medicaid MR/ID Waiver Services.

Question: How long has Emerson Place Inc. been in business?
Answer: In 2002, Emerson Place Inc. opened its first Group Home in the Old Town section of Portsmouth, VA.  Subsequent to the first group home Emerson Place Inc. purchased and renovated two additional ranch-style residences located less than 5 minutes from the Portsmouth-Norfolk downtown tunnel.